We do hope you like the new design, it's taken a while but it's been about more than looks. We now have calendars showing upcoming events, tag clouds to see whats popular and help you get to the information you want quickly and best of all you can now comment on blog entries and Quiz reports without having to sign in or join Google+ – watch those comments though we will be checking.

We've moved our site from Google's Blogger to this great platform called Squarespac. Apart from the additional design and interaction enhancements this gives us it also means the web site looks and performs much better on mobile devices, so you can see what we have on or who won the Quiz Night whilst on the move. This new site also let's you sign up for email updates but we've yet to work that bit out so we'll keep you informed. 

e will be adding additional pages such as galleries and a contact (suggestion?) page over the next few months so please bookmark us and check back often to see what's happening at The Colly.