Work commitments nearly had the Quiz screwed this week, a very late night on Saturday got the picture round done then on Sunday morning Quiz Master John texted that he had tonsillitis and wouldn't be able to make it for Monday… Oh no, disaster!

We spent Sunday night in the bar discussing who could front the Quiz, there were no takers, everyone knocked it back, including me (through work again, honestly). Then up stepped our American student Alanna to save the day, "I'd love to do it" – fantastic, you're on.

Monday night arrives, Quiz 82 is printed and delivered, Alanna's nervous but all set to go. The bar had a good crowd in and I wish I could have stayed to report on the proceedings but again the work commitment had me snookered (or snuckered in American English?).

After getting all the feedback from Monday we've had nothing but good reports back on our stand in Quiz Master. So a big Colly thanks to Alanna for stepping in at the last moment, you saved the day.

This begs a wider question though… do any of our regulars fancy fronting the Quiz? The questions are all done, it's just a matter of presenting it, we'd be interested to hear from potential MCs.

On to the Quiz. Well done to our new team, Heroes and Zeroes, who won Quiz 82 with an excellent 56 from 64. They drew the Food vouchers though so that means there's a whopping £103 rollover going in to Quiz 83. Let's hope the new boys come back next week and defend their win.

In the Wild Card, Gary proved what a Corrie specialist he is by winning the £27 prize on a Ken Barlow Question. Well done Gary, that must be 5 Wild Cards now?

We'll try and update the report with the usual sample questions and links over the next few days but here's the Score Card* from the night in the meantime. Bearing in mind the hassle in the run up to Quiz 82, you've got to chuckle at a couple of the team names!

*The Score Card was far easier to read, no deciphering required. There were dates, Jackpot totals, details of the prize won, Wild Card Winner, Amount, Answer, it had absolutely everything! You could tell Alanna's a top US of A scholar.