Quiz 47 will be back to the usual format after the Halloween exertions of last week. in fact we may make the questions way harder after the students charity quiz on Thursday with some regulars saying their questions were much better, well after reading them they looked way more difficult... but if that's what you want!

Only joking we'll stick with the usual format, everyone has a chance of winning. With last weeks champions, the wonderful Do You Want To Be In My Gang, My Gang leaving £24 in the pot for this week, a half decent turnout for Quiz 47 and we could be looking at a possible £60+ Cash prize, plus there's the Wild Card to play for where you could easily win £20+ for a daft guess. It's a much better Monday night than sitting in front of the telly!

The Quiz kicks off at 9pm, £1 per person and lovely free savoury snacks at half time.