The Food Vouchers Prize were won by Uninspiring Idiots in Quiz 53 so we start Quiz 54 with a £25 rollover. This should mean a Cash Prize of at least £50 on the night but the more that come the bigger that prize could be!

We kick off at 9pm. There's a picture round (this weeks theme is Where in the World?) then four themed rounds of General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film and TV with a five minute break for free snacks and beers (and smokes) after the Music Round. The winners of the nights Quiz choose from three envelopes that contain the cash, a food voucher or a case of drinks. If the cash isn't drawn it rolls over to the next weeks Quiz, the biggest cash prize to date is £243 won by Team Parsnip 06/08/12.

After the main Quiz we have a Wild Card Question which anyone in the bar can join in for a quid. It's one question with a numerical or date answer and the nearest to the required answer gets the whole pot of money. The biggest Wild Card Winner to date was about £37.

Come down and join in the Monday Quiz, it's a great night out.

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