Could be a substantial cash prize!

This Saturday at half time in the Man City v Newcastle game we will be drawing tickets out of the hat until somebody finds that Joker!

Yes, the prize must be won. There's already £80 in the kitty from previous ticket sales and to enter the draw just buy as many £1 tickets as you like from the bar between now and 3:45pm Saturday.

At half time during the match Micki will start the draw. All the tickets sold will be placed in the hat (well ice bucket) and as each ticket is drawn, the holder of that ticket gets to turn over one of the cards in the cabinet on the wall. The lucky person who turns the Joker wins the £80 already in the kitty plus however much has been added from tickets sold between now and Saturday afternoon, so it could be a substantial amount of cash! Micki will continue to draw tickets until somebody finds that Joker so the prize must be won.

We hope to see you Saturday... Good luck.