Quiz Night returns on Monday 6th January with a New Year Special.

Our Christmas Quiz 100 was a real Festive treat – the winners of the main £150 cash prize were Lawrence Of A Labia who just beat challengers There Is No Sanity Clause and Too Long Too Dark Not Enough Egg Nog Stops in the very last round. The two runners up went head to head in a Dart Off and Too Long Too Dark Not Enough Egg Nog Stops took the £50 second prize whilst There Is No Sanity Clause won our third prize a crate of beers.

The New Year Quiz starts at 9.00pm with a Picture Round (the clue this week is "2013 was unlucky for some") then four 2013 themed rounds of General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film and TV with a five minute break for free snacks and beers (and smokes) after the Music Round.

The winners of the nights Quiz choose from three envelopes that contain either a cash prize, food vouchers or a case of drinks. If the cash isn't drawn it rolls over to the next weeks Quiz, the biggest cash prize to date is £317 won by Hand Over The Cash Michaela 25/03/13 in Quiz 63

After the main Quiz we have a New Year Wild Card Question which anyone in the bar can join in for a quid. It's one obscure bit of 2013 Trivia where we are looking for a number or date and the nearest to the actual answer gets the whole pot of money taken for the Wild Card. Jay won the Christmas Wild Card and got a tasty £45 in readies for his £1 stake. The biggest winner to date is Jonathan B who scooped a massive £47 in Quiz 55.

Come on down and join in The Colly New Year Quiz, it's a fun night out and could be worth quite a few quid to the winners!

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