Another excellent turnout of 45 for Quiz 162 took the Cash Prize on offer up to a record busting £323.

You couldn't get a seat in the front bar, Quizmaster John had to stand.

And there was no more room in the back room either!

The eleven teams involved mostly did well with the Years Haven't Been Kind To Them... Picture Round although some struggled with a couple of the wrinklies!

It was a two horse race for most of the night between  The Peoples Front Of Judea and the deplorably named Knock Knock… Who’s There? The Pilot! Once more the Sport Round was the defining factor with Knock Knock… Who’s There? The Pilot! gaining the edge and going on to win the Quiz by two points. The pub hushed as Sarah from the winning team took her choice from the three prize envelopes... it was the Beers! The entire pub was shocked into silence before bursting into applause, £323 rolling onto Quiz 163, unbelievable. This means we could be playing for another record busting Cash Prize of £360 or more!

The Quiz starts at 9.00pm with a Picture Round* (There's no clue this week, everyone starts on an equal footing). Following the pics we then have four themed rounds of General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film and TV with a five minute break for the free snacks and topping up drinks after round two.

Easter Monday Bank Holiday Special

Usually the winners of the nights Quiz choose from three envelopes that contain either the cash prize, food vouchers or a case of drinks but as the cash prize is so huge this week we have decided to make it a Easter Monday Bank Holiday Special Colly Quiz. There will be no envelopes... the winners of Quiz 163 will win a guaranteed £200 cash prize! The second placed team will get a whopping £100 and third will get whatever cash remains in the pot. That's not all the prizes though, we'll have a short Wild Card question at the end of each of the first three rounds and the closest to each of the answers will get a bonus tenner. Now that's what we call a Easter Monday Bank Holiday Special!

After all that excitement we then have a Wild Card Question which anyone in the bar can join in for a quid (or if you want two goes it's £2, three £3 etc). It's one obscure question where we are looking for a number or date and the nearest to the actual answer gets the whole pot of money taken on the night for the Wild Card.

Quiz 162 had a near record £45 Wild Card Cash Prize! There were five people close to the answer but it was a very happy Will W who was the closest and he walked away with the huge wad of cash. The biggest Wild Card Winner to date is Andy who scooped a massive £48 in Quiz 158.

Will W showing off his huge wad! £45 Wild Card winnings... lucky man!

Come and join us for The Easter Monday Bank Holiday Special Colly Quiz, it's always an entertaining night out and this week it's guaranteed prizes so you could win some serious cash too!

*If you would like to give us an idea for an interesting Picture Round feel free, we are always looking for new subjects. Send us an Email, Tweet or add your idea to the comment box below.