We were expecting a moderate turnout for Quiz 168 but couldn't have been more wrong... the bar was packed and 54 Quizzers in 15 teams turned out to take the Cash Prize on offer up to a tasty £110.

It was a frantic but well contested Quiz with six or seven teams in the mix throughout. By the final round we had five teams separated by five points chasing the prize. Rascal Ferrets On Vibezz were just in the lead on 40, Hot Chocolate Gone Cold were in second spot on 39 with The Hasty Puddings in third on 37. There were then two teams, The Peoples Front Of Judea and Cockney Mafia on 36. The Film & TV Round couldn't sort them out so it ended up a Dart Off between Rascal Ferrets On Vibezz and Hot Chocolate Gone Cold.

Jay from Rascal Ferrets On Vibezz was bang on form, winning the Dart Off by some margin then choosing the envelope with the Cash! The five winning team members shared up the spoils getting £20 each and then dropped a tenner back in the Rollover so we start Quiz 169 with a crisp £10 note in the jar. Mind another turnout like last week and we would be straight back up to £60! Although it's probably more likely going to be around £40... but we don't mind if you lot prove us wrong.

Rascal Ferrets On Vibezz celebrating their £110 Cash Prize winnings.

The Quiz starts at 9.00pm with a Picture Round* (The clue this week is "They weren't always on the front (or back) pages"). Following the pics we then have four themed rounds of General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film and TV with a five minute break for the free snacks and topping up drinks after round two.

The winners of the nights Quiz choose from three envelopes that contain either the cash prize, food vouchers or a case of drinks. If the cash isn't drawn it rolls over to the next weeks Quiz, the biggest cash prize to date is £317 won by Hand Over The Cash Michaela 25/03/13 in Quiz 63.

After the Quiz we have a Wild Card Question which anyone in the bar can join in for a quid (or if you want two goes it's £2, three £3 etc). It's one obscure question where we are looking for a number or date and the nearest to the actual answer gets the whole pot of money taken on the night. We had a fantastic £40 Cash Prize for the Quiz 168 Wild Card and there was one guess very close... it was our regular quizzer Hodgie, who stepped up to gratefully receive a couple of £20 notes. The biggest Wild Card Winner to date is Andy who scooped a massive £48 in Quiz 158.

Hodgie with his £40 Wild Card winnings. Not bad for a quid stake!

Come on down and join us for The Colly Quiz, it's always an entertaining night out and as Hodgie will testify if you're lucky you can find yourself forty quid better off!

*If you would like to give us an idea for an interesting Picture Round feel free, we are always looking for new subjects. Send us an Email, Tweet or add your idea to the comment box below.