It was devious daily logos, Lake Disappointment in SR1 and a St Leger mind stretcher for a decent crowd at last weeks Quiz 185.

One of our top teams were away so it gave our teams a chance to take advantage and go for the cash in their absence. It started quite a close run thing with The Laaaaaaads charging out in front with 21. The Peoples Front Of Judea, Spontaneous Wrecks Was Last Wednesday, Tickets Still Available! and The Wrongtaneous Specks weren’t far behind on 20 and Rascal Ferrets On Vibes and The Hasty Puddings were also in contention with 19 a piece.

As the Quiz wore on however Spontaneous Wrecks Was Last Wednesday, Tickets Still Available! started to take control and by the final Film & TV Round they were two points ahead of challengers The Peoples Front Of Judea on 36 with Rascal Ferrets On Vibes still in with a slight chance on 33.

Spontaneous Wrecks Was Last Wednesday, Tickets Still Available! nailed the final round though to win the Quiz by a clear three points. There was £150 to win but Spontaneous Wrecks pulled the Food Vouchers so this week there could be a £180 plus Cash Prize to win this coming Monday at Quiz 186, but be warned, one half of our top team (Sarah) is back and we aren't sure if her partner in crime (Richard) is also back... so if you want a crack at winning the Cash Prize get some experts added to your team!

The Quiz starts at 9.00pm with a Picture Round* (The clue this week is "Take note of these poor representations"). Following the Pics we then have four themed rounds of General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film and TV with a five minute break for the free snacks and topping up drinks after round two.

The winners of the nights Quiz choose from three envelopes that contain either the cash prize, food vouchers or a case of drinks. If the cash isn't drawn it rolls over to the next weeks Quiz, the biggest cash prize to date is £317 won by Hand Over The Cash Michaela 25/03/13 in Quiz 63.

After the Quiz we have a Wild Card Question which anyone in the bar can join in for a quid (or if you want two goes it's £2, three £3 etc). It's one obscure question where we are looking for a number or date and the nearest to the actual answer gets the whole pot of money taken on the night. We had a very nice £32 in for the Quiz 185 Wild Card and there were three reasonably close to the answer, but it was our pal from Leicester, Jack, who was the closest and therefore the winner of £32. Our biggest Wild Card winner to date is Mike H who scored for a massive £61 in Quiz 177.

Leicesters finest, Jack, won his second Wild Card in three weeks and he was well chuffed with the £32 Cash Prize!

Come and join us for The Colly Quiz, it's a cracking night out and as Jack will tell you, even if you don't win the main Quiz it's always worth putting a quid in for the Wild Card question!

*If you would like to give us an idea for an interesting Picture Round feel free, we are always looking for new subjects. Send us an Email, Tweet or add your idea to the comment box below.