How to find us

The Colly is tucked away in a quiet, secluded area of Jesmond on the outskirts of Newcastle. Just a couple of minutes from Jesmond Metro and within walking distance of Osborne Road and the city centre.

The Colly is just off Clayton Road, hidden away in Brandling Village. It's in such an obscure area that Google maps doesn't recognise the postcode and gives our address as '44 Clayton Park Square'? It may take some time for Google to rectify this but they do get our location more or less right though. If you zoom in and flip the Google Map view from 'Map' to 'Satellite' you can see The Colly clearly labelled south of Clayton Park Square adjacent to E Front Street.

Use the image walk through's below the map to help guide you to The Colly, it's worth it.

The Colly is just to the south of Clayton Road, hidden away in Brandling Village